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The Wedding Book

Beyond just capturing your special moment, we are proud to present the Wedding Book... a timeless storybook of your perfect day.

We have been working with Graphistudio in Italy for many years to produce these graphically enhanced books. Graphistudio is the only company to offer this state of the art digital offset printing and binding. Photos in this particular digital representation of a Graphistudio book layout courtesy of Amy Robinson Photography.

With many stunning layouts and beautiful, yet subtle, effects the Wedding Book is meticulously designed in the style that will compliment your photos. The books are then hand bound using a patented continuous page binding system with every page opening flat and having a perfect panoramic view.

The evolution of the Wedding Book realizes the dream of people who want to share the emotions of an unforgettable day with their family and friends. Also available are the 'Parents' and 'Pocket Books' that are exact copies of the Wedding Book at special pricing. A special 12x16 seven page calendar is also included with every Wedding Book order.

The most elaborate and innovative print layout will provide a movie like story of your perfect day.